Friday 30 November 2012

"YPP is a poor name for a party" Really?

This is the most common question we get about the party on the trail. The reason we're sticking with the name is this:

1. The average age of a first time buyer is nearly 40.

2. More under-40s do not vote than all the people that elected the current administration

We believe these 2 key factors are central and integral

High rents, high property prices and high taxes on output and employment are crippling the economy. This is unanswerable today. The direct results are low wages and profits, making homes for all, employment and capital formation extremely difficult. The incentive is to invest as much as possible in more parasitical property assets. There are no bigger factors than this destroying the economy, in all places. So this is the root we are targeting.

No politician is allowed to talk about it because those already with snouts in the trough are property owners and will become unelectable if they even think about it. All successful politicians today are there to prop up rents, property prices and taxes. The party politics is irrelevant. Labour = Conservative. Left = Right. People are right when they say they do not know who to vote for. We call this condition - "Forbidden Knowledge".

Therefore the following is our rational policy:

1. Older people are already doing fine on the property ladder. Like turkeys, they do not vote for Xmas. In general. Therefore we do not want their vote. They can keep it. Its pointless trying. Period.

2. People of whatever age aspiring to a career in trough snouting can also keep their vote. No parasites seeking a job with the 1% here please.

3. Most people under 40 are doing very badly indeed, unable to get a home of their own. In general. They are not stupid either, so will not vote for something they cannot get. So vote NOTA. This is exactly the vote we are going after.

We need as much support as possible to show them there are others who care about the future of people of all ages and classes. And that it is worth starting to vote.

This is why we formed YPP. This is our strategy. We are certain of it. We need your help to carry this message forward. Not your advice on a better name. A different name will only improve our chances marginally.

Robin Smith

Candidate "in elections anywhere" for the Young People's Party.

The Croydon Conservative

We're having some good sport with a Conservative in Croydon. Classic example of psychological denial and projection, so well worth a case history. When he spotted what we are saying with our policy "landowners are the world's biggest benefits scroungers", the trolling attacks started. We've hit the forbidden spot inside his mind.

I saw him coming at the beginning of the campaign, so have set up bait on several occasions, which has been duly taken hook line and sinker. Yeah we've done this a 1000 times. Useful research.

Dr Wrigley asked him at the count last night where he thinks money comes from. "The State?" So is clueless. Clearly this is the first time he's heard about our policy.

He's refusing to meet up for serious dialogue and when he recognised he'd been rumbled stopped making his tweets public but continues to troll out several tweets in a row, always attacking straw men. Lets see where it goes. Here's the latest. He's insisting I answer his straw men so I'll comply and let's watch how he buries himself.

As always we'd like to help him change his mind on the way. He now possesses forbidden knowledge. Its just matter of time.

Thursday 29 November 2012

Croydon. What is it that you really want. Freedom or Dependency?

Croydon polling day and still only one candidate with a policy to remove the largest road blocks to employment and free enterprise in Croydon:

Property developers, landlords and banks

Robin Smith of the Young Peoples Party. With an explicit policy to:
  • raise wages and profits 
  • reduce rents and house prices 
  • reduce taxes 
  • secure plenty of finance for every public service
  • deal with homelessness when there are plenty of homes 
  • address unemployment and bankruptcy when there is plenty of labour and capital 
And the other candidates? Do they want to go to the root? Do they have a policy? No! They don't even support their own ideologies any more:
  • Respect are the party claiming more important things than justice 
  • The Planet Savers claim more important things than homelessness
  • Labour are claiming more important things than raising wages
  • Conservative are claiming more important things than profits 
  • Liberal democrat, er... are a bit of both 
None of them have anything on the table for the people of Croydon except  handouts, welfare, tax breaks, planning permissions, free gifts,  ...


They all want you to be even more dependent on the state and large corporations than you already are. And you seem to be asking for it!

Croydon. What is it that you really want. Freedom or Dependency?

"The Young People's Party will abolish all taxation except for that on rents, which we will tax at a rate of 100%."

Tax comes out of rents. So there is plenty, it cannot be passed on to the tenant, your inheritence will be secure

What's not to like? Workers and enterprise will now get their full reward. The parasites of Croydon will be driven out of town. I will make quick work of it and good riddance.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

RSI - Real Reform: Croydon property owners vote, all others do not, t...

RSI - Real Reform: Croydon property owners vote, all others do not, t...

Policy Statement: Minimum alcohol price

Just a few facts:

1. There is no "binge drinking epidemic". Firstly, alcohol consumption in the UK has been pretty much unchanged for decades, and if anything has declined in recent years. Secondly, an "epidemic" means the fast spread of an infectious disease. Drinking booze is not an infectious medical condition.

2. There is no "booze fuelled crime wave". Yes, some people get into fights and behave badly when they are drunk, that is a small minority, these are not people who rob banks, blow up trains or kidnap children. These are not hard core criminals, these are people who can't handle their booze, and the victims are mainly other people who've enjoyed a drink themselves and are trying to make their way home.

3. Drinkers already more than pay for "the cost to the NHS" or "the cost to society".

Alcohol duty alone raises £10.5 billion a year; we can at least double that for VAT on top and extra Business Rates for pubs. The entire UK police budget is about £15 billion, how much of that relates to policing city centres at chucking out time? Out of an NHS medical budget of £80 billion or so, how much relates to A&E, and how much of that is alcohol related? £5 billion tops?

As to saving 3,000 lives a year, even if that were true (it's not), we've all got to die of something, they can't "save lives" they can only prolong life a bit.

4. The much vaunted model which is supposed to show that a minimum price of X will reduce consumption Y per cent is (just like the safe weekly limits which were plucked out of the air) based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever, these people just worked backwards from the answers they wanted and programmed their crude spreadsheet accordingly.

5. Besides the miserable Prohibitionists, there is another group of vested interests discreetly pushing for minimum pricing, and that's the supermarkets, for obvious reasons.

So what do we have here? A non-existent problem being dealt with by a measure which won't "work", even judged by their standards.

YPP says: enjoy your booze while it's still legal; don't drink and drive; don't take yourself too seriously when you're pissed; and drink a pint of water and take two aspirin before you go to bed. A fried breakfast the next morning usually helps.

Think Tank Knowledge - How do people vote

Mr. Wadsworth deserves the credit for this. The YPP was set up exactly for this.

People 'sell' their vote to the highest bidder. And that is the one who offers the highest subsidy, handout or welfare into house prices and rents. High taxes are the inevitable result. To pay for the resulting 'dependency state'.

Of course this is a harsh and sweeping statement. But show me it is not true.

Of course people should vote with their conscience for the whole of the community represented by democracy. Not just their pocket.

Nevertheless people vote for themselves. And get a lot of pain. Then complain about it. Persistently. And the politicians are selected to pander to that. Any politician who stands up and says:

"Hang on a minute, this is madness. Taxes should be low, house prices should be low and people should pay fairly for benefits received, no exemptions, all else being equal, because that is justice, and that equalises things naturally"

Will be unelectable for 20 years, the life of a mortgage, the most evil financial instrument ever devised. But...

Thomas Jefferson: "You get the government you elect"
Menken: "And you get them Good and Hard!"
God: 1 Samuel 8

Mr W realised this indirectly I think. By seeing that the only people who still vote, in general, are those already on the property ladder. And the largest class not on it are the young people. And as it happens they tend not to vote.

Given the cure of economic problems is low taxes and house prices, property owners, like turkeys, do not vote for Christmas. And given this means there is nothing in a vote for young people, they vote None Of The Above.

So this is why the YPP was formed. Genius.

Yeah, where will it go? It has to be done. This is the start. The mustard seed.

"Young People's Party fields mature candidate" - Politics Home

"Have you heard of the YPP? The Young People's Party? It's new. It aims to "fundamentally rebalance our society and economic system in favour of the productive economy and young people". Its candidate in the Croydon North by-election is called Robin Smith and as his leaflet helpfully points out, he is 49 years old. Mr Smith aside, there is a veritable feast of small parties running in Croydon. Dot's favourite, the Monster Raving Loonies aside, is a new outfit called Nine Eleven Was An Inside Job. If they lose, there will be a conspiracy theory to explain why."

Potential criminal libel there about "newaij"

Sunday 25 November 2012

Saturday 24 November 2012

Croydon - who will you be selling your vote to this time?

Spot the continuity error? I set this up in October.

Mr Reed and Mr Stranack. We can See you

Both leading candidates' latent policy is to support Landlords and Bankers before the people of Croydon.

Welfare for the Wealthy. Funded by the tax payers of Croydon.

This may not be obvious. The only policy they mention only treats important but relatively small problems such as litter. Only treats effects such as riots, apparent lack of finance for services and welfare to mitigate lack of dealing with big problems first.

Avoiding at all costs the big problem: High rents, High taxes, High house prices. You know, the things that only benefit Landlords and Bankers.

Young People can See them.

Croydon. Think carefully about this. You are once again about to elect someone who will harm you.

Friday 23 November 2012

Do not blame the poor for Croydon's problems Mr Steve Reed

There was a superbly run hustings last night at Praise House by the Free Christian Church. Pastor Damon Luke chairing with very well organised MC and staff. The whole event was the most fairly run I have seen so far.

At the post meeting gathering, where the real politics goes on, I had a really rewarding chat with several of the priests there, on biblical economics and politics. Leviticus 25:23, 1 Samuel 8, Mark 12:13, Romans 13. Fascinating. I also bumped into the camerman whom I met at St Pauls last year, Rajeesh. Great.

The more I meet Mr Steve Reed, Labour candidate, the more I'm dismayed by how he insists on blaming the riots on the poorest classes. Who have already been robbed by the kind of policies he talks about adopting when he is formally elected after the 29th.

That of giving enormous tax payer funded handouts to landlords, property developers and bankers, disgracefully disguised as encouraging business.

Its a bit like blaming soldiers in trenches for a war. This is the quality of character who will be elected on the 29th unless people have a change of mind.

Two very good questions came up for which I requested particular attention for the Young People's Party:
  1. Crime
  2. Employment
What can be more obvious than that these are integrally linked by cause and effect? Crime rises as wages fall. ALWAYS. History so testifies. Until the elastic snaps and the people desperately start to take by force what was robbed from them in the first place by dysfunctional government, rewarding free gifts to the 1%, taken from the earnings of the poorest class.

I do not condone theft. I'm merely pointing out cause and effect under natural laws. Desperate people do desperate things. Treat people without love and they will not love you.

I attempted to point his out to the crowd with as much grace as possible by showing who the major robbers are right at the top. Bankers and Landowners. But it was completely overwhelmed by Mr Reed pretty much supporting the crowd's objection to this by implying the riots had nothing to do with systematic robbery by the 1%. He writes in his Lambeth seat about it frequently, his policy in general is to avoid questioning the 1% at the top, to blame the poorest class and to mitigate the effects later with yet more welfare.

Its a real pity the other candidates did not stand up and reinforce my point particularly Mr Jasper. The Monster Raving Loony guy pretty much said the poorest should be treated with even less parity than already. Unbelievable.

This is from the Labour party, who are supposed to be raising the wages of the poorest.

To improve Croydon one must start from the bottom. Because the top do not need any help, and by improving the condition of the poorest is shown to improve things for everyone above them too.

Alas, celebrity and handouts seems to be more important than wisdom these days for the people of Croydon. Not so for the YPP. Onward.

Good News. Croydon candidates are starting to adopt YPP ideas

Scanning the net over the past few days I'm really pleased. Ideas we put on the table are gradually starting to be adopted by the other parties.

I don't mind this at all. What better way to change things than to have it done so gracefully and without conflict? Let's take a quick look:

  1. Green Party candidate Mr. Shasha Khan has started to talk openly about LVT. Though I do not support that explicitly I do believe in abolishing all taxes and collecing location values instead to fund government.
  2. Mr. George Gallaway speaking for Mr Lee Jasper talks about how close to a majority of the people are no longer represented in parliament, a core YPP message from inception. Mr Jasper still does not recognise the young no longer vote due to high house prices, rents and taxes.
  3. Green Party candidate Mr. Shasha Khan is suddenly talking about the 4,000 empty homes in Croydon, something I introduced at campaign inception and fiercely rejected by Conservatives and Labour, in spite of it being the most obvious observed fact. Of course. How would they explain their landlord welfare policy when there is no shortage of homes. I will push this to the hilt. Glad for this help from the Greens.
There are some more. And I have more on the table I will push onto the agenda, God willing the press gives me even a tiny bit of space relative to the monopoly powers that get it all for free. The political rent seekers.

Good news!

Croydon property developers and enterprise need welfare

I'm seriously worried about how much I want the vote of a north Croydon 'business' constituent. I'm hoping the vocal minority that we hear on social media and see on the hustings are not representative. Here is why.

Last night the entire panel all applauded several times that ever scarce tax payer funded welfare must be given to landowners and property developers, to "encourage" them to "help us". Are these developers enterprises or misadventures I wonder? Mr Steve Reed, de facto 'elected' as MP at the Labour party selection committee 2 weeks ago showed 100% support.

The small independent traders on the margin all over the town constantly beg for business rates discounts, to "encourage" business. But a break on a tax on land values goes into higher rents. Economics 101. Landlords tell me "We laugh when they give these handouts. We just put up the rent by the same amount".

The blighted London Road traders scrambling for the £26 million riot support cannot see that this will have the same effect in the end.

Again Mr Steve Reed, Labour candidate, declared Croydon tax payers should give windfall welfare to housing developers and property owners "to do up their homes and bring them onto the market". There is an apparent shortage of homes here, so why is he not asking them like any enterprise to make good use of their capital or sell them at the market rate to someone who is an enterprise? Instead more handouts to land hoarders and speculators were put on the table.

I'm urgently worried that Young enterprise nobly trying to set up a new "Tech City" will call out for handouts in subsidised rents.

The East Croydon developer already had £20 million of tax payer welfare to build the "Bridge of Fortune". This will increase the value of their 7 year idle land underneath significantly, even if they do not develop it.

The Westfield 5 point plan is asking for planning permission that will raise the value of the Croydon people's land. Rents there and in all the surrounding premises will rise dramatically as a result. A huge tax free windfall granted by the chairman of the planning committee. Not due to the enterprise of the property developer and the charitable Landlord, the Whitgift Foundation.

I made several attempts to help the crowd see this but they were not in the least interested. Mostly looking for which candidate is bidding highest for their vote, using this welfare. A woman at the back even said "Please can you give more time to the ones most likely to win and save time". Unbelievable.

Croydon, are you enterprises or not? How can we help you see that free enterprise, not welfare, charity dependency on the state, is far more likely to get Croydon back to prosperity?

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Forbidden Knowledge 1 - A Policy to Return Croydon to Prosperity

What all successful politicians are not allowed to talk about. Well the Young People's Party are talking about it... very loudly... very clearly.

What's in it for Croydon. This forbidden knowledge speaks about how the economy really works everywhere. Croydon is where we propose radical change commences, making it the envy of the rest of the country within 10 years. Work and business will flood in. Everyone who prefers freedom and justice will want to be here.

Raw Economic 101 vox pop. Apologies for the mic hum. I had external power plugged in.

QE & FLS: Rubbing our noses in it

From City AM:

Under QE the Bank prints money to buy government debt, to push down interest rates. This is meant to stimulate the economy, but it also drives up inflation. In addition, QE has been criticised as it reduces the value of the annuity retirees can buy with their pension pots, attracting the ire of the older generation.(1)

Weale yesterday defended the policy, arguing that young people have been particularly badly hit by the downturn(2) and so need support from the central bank.(3) In particular he noted that almost 10 per cent of young men have been unemployed for more than six months, compared with just over three per cent for men aged 31 to 64.

As a result he feels hitting the old with QE has been justified because it helps the young.(4)

1) The first paragraph is a fair summary, apart from the bit about QE being intended to "stimulate the economy", there is absolutely no reason to assume that it will achieve anything of the sort, like just about everything else the UK government has been doing for the last five years, it's about propping up banks and house prices.

2) Yes, just about everything the government is doing - propping up rents and house prices, taking away benefits, hiking tuition fees, increasing taxes on labour which destroys jobs and makes it disproportionately harder to get a job in the first place, massive deficit spending etc - is designed to fob off as much of the burden onto the young and future generations, so the end result is hardly surprising.

3) The central bank is part of the government, if it wanted to "support" the young , it would be doing pretty much the opposite of what it is actually doing (see long list in 2).

4) Woah! False choice there! This is not a question of sharing a dwindling cake between the under-40s and the over-65s, what's happening here is that the usual suspects are f-ing over both groups simultaneously, the only winners here are the bankers, insurance companies and landowners.

Just to illustrate the point, also from City AM:

MORTGAGE lending climbed to an 11-month high in October, according to data out yesterday, as the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) entered its third full month of activity...

Mark Harris, boss of SPF Private Clients, a mortgage broker, said he expected the mortgage market to ease further and further over the coming year. "This bodes well for next year – as lenders saturate the low loan-to-value (LTV) market with a plethora of rock-bottom rates, they will be forced to turn to the higher LTV bracket," he predicted.

The FLS is out of the same stable as QE, it's about reducing interest rates for the benefit of the already wealthy and the Baby Boomers. Apart from the fact that easy credit and high house prices are what got us into this mess in the first place, the only people to benefit from FLS are people who are selling land (because they can sell them for higher prices) and people with a lot of equity who can double on their mortgages and expand their BTL empires.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Croydon - Who will offer you the biggest bribe. Stranack or Reed?

In the desperate fight to deliver a newsworthy story the Croydon Advertiser says:

Steve Reed and Andy Stranack trade blows ahead of Croydon Advertiser debate

In that desperate struggle, the press have missed the key point:

Labour and Conservative candidates are avoiding root cause of the Croydon's big social problems. And  instead of that integrity are seeing who can give the BIGGEST BRIBE in welfare, tax breaks, political gain, to buy the vote of the Croydon people.

The incinerator, the hospital, the library are important issues of course.

But the primary cause making them an issue is that the natural fund that would far exceed the costs of dealing with them easily, is being sucked out of the Croydon economy by high rents and high taxation. There is no finance left for it because land owners and banks have it.

The unwritten policy of Labour , Conservative is to keep house prices and taxes as high as possible. So this will go round and round and round like a playground argument.

The people of Croydon are about to vote for one of these spoilt children. So be it!

Monday 19 November 2012

YPP - How the Croydon economy really works

Croydon - Is it finally time to Vote with your conscience instead of your pocket? This is the commitment the Young People's Party are asking you to make. We realise this is a very big commitment.

YPP Croydon - Do the other candidates have a policy that addresses root cause? Nope!

Apologies for the sound. My camera has no external mic. If you have a problem with this we are happy to take your donations to purchase said item. Thank you.

Sunday 18 November 2012

YPP Croydon's Trickle Up Economics - "We own Land Give...

RSI - Real Reform: Croydon's Trickle Up Economics - "We own Land Give...: Allders of Croydon is an explicit example of this unsustainable economic model on a retail level. Where unearned incomes in RENTS trickl...

Friday 16 November 2012

Corby by-election results

Our candidate Rohen got 39 votes. Ah well, we did our best and everybody's got to start somewhere.

Tuesday 13 November 2012


From the Pirate Party UK Forum:

Calabamat: Has anyone heard of the Young People's Party? They're running a candidate in the Corby by-election.

Plooterman: No never heard of them. Interesting set of policies. They seemed to have picked a strange party name (yes I appreciate this comment is coming from a member of the Pirate Party)...

I didn't realise that this is what "universal" means...

When IDS first announced the idea of rolling lots of different little benefits into a "Universal Credit" with a "Single Unified Taper", I thought that this sounded like an important first step towards a full Citizen's Income-type welfare system.

Either I've missed something important or somebody didn't read the memo properly, "universal" appears to include everybody except...

Pensioners with savings or other income.

Higher earners esp. those who would become step-parents.

People with large families.

People who work part-time.

People under 21.

People who are under 25 or who can't find work.

People who refuse to work for free.

People who drink or take drugs.

People with disabilities.

Anybody else to whom the computer says no.

"I'll turn Croydon into the UK's biggest tax haven"

Robin Smith YPP: I will turn Croydon into the UK's biggest tax have...: There's a lot of talk about Starbucks and Amazon today avoiding tax . And that its immoral but not illegal. SO CHANGE THE LAW STUPID So ...

Sunday 11 November 2012

The Young People's Party is aimed at those who do ...

RSI - Real Reform: The Young People's Party is aimed at those who do ...: The Young People's Party is aimed at the young people who do not vote... yet! As many young people did not vote at the last election as th...

Thursday 8 November 2012

PCS Hustings

It was lovely to be in Corby yesterday to be present at the PCS hustings. Surprisingly enough Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative declined to be there, with only the Conservatives sending a statement, which was roundly denounced by the members present. The UKIP candidate got stuck in traffic, which I think is a bit disorganised. If I can drive up from London and make it on time, then someone who lives nearby should really not have a problem getting there on time. There were three candidates, myself, Jonathan Hornett, for the Greens and Adam Lotun for Democracy 2015. The far right candidates according to the PCS ie the English Democrats and the BNP were not invited. There were plenty of questions, one of them was relating to retirement age. As we are the party that supports full employment, retirement age should not be a problem. 60 is very reasonable and we support that for full employment in the future. The Green party candidate felt that people should work longer, we don't agree with that. All in all a very good evening. I would like to again say thank you for being invited and hope that anyone who has any further questions can contact me using the links on the blog.

RSI - Real Reform: Croydon polling day is official - 29th November

RSI - Real Reform: Croydon polling day is official - 29th November: Candidates have already been selected by a number of parties though final nominations must be in by 4pm next Wednesday (November 14).  C...

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Monday 5 November 2012

YPP Croydon Election Communication

Robin Smith, 49, is a professional student of the real economy. He has used twenty years as a  systems engineer to understand why we are in such a mess and what to do about it. He co-founded a Cambridge based economics think tank.

Why vote YPP?

Croydon, like the rest of the country, is being run as a giant pyramid scheme. Those at the top of the property and banking ladders win every time.

We are on the side of those who arrived too late: the priced-out, the tenants, the over-mortgaged and the over-taxed. Those who will lose out, no matter how hard they work or save.

My beliefs

  • I am on the side of the real wealth creators – which means workers and businesses. The other party's are just there to ensure that the already wealthy just get wealthier without lifting a finger.
  • I resigned my council seat in disgust because the Conservative majority only cared about keeping house prices and landlords’ profits as high as possible. The other party's are no better.
  • I want to stop the One Per Cent taking your wealth and giving nothing back in return, plunging the country into permanent recession in the process. And what are the other party’s doing..?

Our key policy

We will abolish all taxation except for that on the value of land.

Does this sound too simple? Too radical?

Then ask yourself: “Why are you being forced to pay twice, just to live in your own country?”

  1. The government takes half your earnings in tax as if you were causing harm by working. This discourages employment – except in the civil service – so they have to spend some of the tax you pay on welfare to prevent the unemployed from rioting.
  2. They spend most of your taxes on subsidies for landowners and banks, which pushes up rents and house prices - so you have to pay all over again just for somewhere to live.

Everybody in Croydon – tenants and homeowners, workers and businesses – plays their part in creating the rental values here. Not the rent collectors, the landlords and banks. But they get to keep all the rents and we let them get away with it.

Surely to keep voting for this is insanity?

Let’s tackle root causes, not just the symptoms

Yes, there are plenty of other problems we will have to sort out. But most of these are just the symptoms of our crazy pyramid-scheme “trickle up” economic system.

The other party's tinker with solutions to the little problems – we would rather sort out the biggest first!

What will I do for Croydon?

I will speak up for the shopkeepers, businesses and workers trapped between destructive taxes on their turnover, profits and wages and ever-rising rents.

I will speak up for people on involuntary welfare, willing and able to work, yet unable to find it due to those higher up the the pyramid ruining the economy.

Challenging the vested interests of landlords and banks is a scary prospect. They have a well-oiled propaganda machine and have convinced the majority into thinking that rising house prices make us richer.

Of course they don’t, all that happens is that the next generation has to take out larger mortgages, and who benefits most from that..?

If you really care about your future and your children’s future…

X      Robin Smith, Young People’s Party
twitter: yppuk

07786 078836

Friday 2 November 2012

YPP election message garnering local Croydon support

Correspondence from an astute constituent this morning. All points we largely agree with and would adopt.

Points 3 and 4 are particularly important to consider in terms of the community. Both contribute largely to the value of locations(rental value) and are tax payer funded so both seem ideally paid for out of that location value by taxing the landowner receiving rents and relieving everyone else of other taxes. Remembering that a tax on rents cannot be passed on to the tenant. Economics 101.

And I quote:
  1. The need to shift the burden of taxation away from taxes on income and employment, and onto land (location) values. 
  2. The need to reform the UK benefits and pensions system with the introduction of a universal Citizen's Income.
  3. Seeking to expand the agreement between the Metropolitan Police and the Croydon Business District to other parts of the constituency, so that there are more police on the streets. 
  4. Saving the accident and emergency ward at St Helier's hospital.