Thursday 23 May 2019

YPP London meet-up, tomorrow Friday 24 May

Looks like nice-ish weather tomorrow, so we'll be at The Brewmaster from 5.20 onwards for an hour or two.

Leicester Sq Tube, exit one and left into the alleyway. I'll put a yellow leaflet on the table so you can spot us.

Contact me at or 07954 590 744 if you're running late.

Topics -
1. Thomas Hall got 2.5% of the vote at last month's local elections. Commiserations or congratulations, as appropriate. I have been busy with updating the LVTC website since then.

2. Heated argument between those who voted Brexit Party and those who voted Lib Dem today/yesterday.

3. Did the Brexit Party copy our ballot paper emblem? Probably not, but turn theirs 90 degrees anti-clockwise...