Friday 2 November 2012

YPP election message garnering local Croydon support

Correspondence from an astute constituent this morning. All points we largely agree with and would adopt.

Points 3 and 4 are particularly important to consider in terms of the community. Both contribute largely to the value of locations(rental value) and are tax payer funded so both seem ideally paid for out of that location value by taxing the landowner receiving rents and relieving everyone else of other taxes. Remembering that a tax on rents cannot be passed on to the tenant. Economics 101.

And I quote:
  1. The need to shift the burden of taxation away from taxes on income and employment, and onto land (location) values. 
  2. The need to reform the UK benefits and pensions system with the introduction of a universal Citizen's Income.
  3. Seeking to expand the agreement between the Metropolitan Police and the Croydon Business District to other parts of the constituency, so that there are more police on the streets. 
  4. Saving the accident and emergency ward at St Helier's hospital.

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