Tuesday 20 November 2012

Croydon - Who will offer you the biggest bribe. Stranack or Reed?

In the desperate fight to deliver a newsworthy story the Croydon Advertiser says:

Steve Reed and Andy Stranack trade blows ahead of Croydon Advertiser debate

In that desperate struggle, the press have missed the key point:

Labour and Conservative candidates are avoiding root cause of the Croydon's big social problems. And  instead of that integrity are seeing who can give the BIGGEST BRIBE in welfare, tax breaks, political gain, to buy the vote of the Croydon people.

The incinerator, the hospital, the library are important issues of course.

But the primary cause making them an issue is that the natural fund that would far exceed the costs of dealing with them easily, is being sucked out of the Croydon economy by high rents and high taxation. There is no finance left for it because land owners and banks have it.

The unwritten policy of Labour , Conservative is to keep house prices and taxes as high as possible. So this will go round and round and round like a playground argument.

The people of Croydon are about to vote for one of these spoilt children. So be it!

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