Friday 23 November 2012

Good News. Croydon candidates are starting to adopt YPP ideas

Scanning the net over the past few days I'm really pleased. Ideas we put on the table are gradually starting to be adopted by the other parties.

I don't mind this at all. What better way to change things than to have it done so gracefully and without conflict? Let's take a quick look:

  1. Green Party candidate Mr. Shasha Khan has started to talk openly about LVT. Though I do not support that explicitly I do believe in abolishing all taxes and collecing location values instead to fund government.
  2. Mr. George Gallaway speaking for Mr Lee Jasper talks about how close to a majority of the people are no longer represented in parliament, a core YPP message from inception. Mr Jasper still does not recognise the young no longer vote due to high house prices, rents and taxes.
  3. Green Party candidate Mr. Shasha Khan is suddenly talking about the 4,000 empty homes in Croydon, something I introduced at campaign inception and fiercely rejected by Conservatives and Labour, in spite of it being the most obvious observed fact. Of course. How would they explain their landlord welfare policy when there is no shortage of homes. I will push this to the hilt. Glad for this help from the Greens.
There are some more. And I have more on the table I will push onto the agenda, God willing the press gives me even a tiny bit of space relative to the monopoly powers that get it all for free. The political rent seekers.

Good news!

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