Wednesday 28 November 2012

Think Tank Knowledge - How do people vote

Mr. Wadsworth deserves the credit for this. The YPP was set up exactly for this.

People 'sell' their vote to the highest bidder. And that is the one who offers the highest subsidy, handout or welfare into house prices and rents. High taxes are the inevitable result. To pay for the resulting 'dependency state'.

Of course this is a harsh and sweeping statement. But show me it is not true.

Of course people should vote with their conscience for the whole of the community represented by democracy. Not just their pocket.

Nevertheless people vote for themselves. And get a lot of pain. Then complain about it. Persistently. And the politicians are selected to pander to that. Any politician who stands up and says:

"Hang on a minute, this is madness. Taxes should be low, house prices should be low and people should pay fairly for benefits received, no exemptions, all else being equal, because that is justice, and that equalises things naturally"

Will be unelectable for 20 years, the life of a mortgage, the most evil financial instrument ever devised. But...

Thomas Jefferson: "You get the government you elect"
Menken: "And you get them Good and Hard!"
God: 1 Samuel 8

Mr W realised this indirectly I think. By seeing that the only people who still vote, in general, are those already on the property ladder. And the largest class not on it are the young people. And as it happens they tend not to vote.

Given the cure of economic problems is low taxes and house prices, property owners, like turkeys, do not vote for Christmas. And given this means there is nothing in a vote for young people, they vote None Of The Above.

So this is why the YPP was formed. Genius.

Yeah, where will it go? It has to be done. This is the start. The mustard seed.


  1. In my defence, when people question the party name, I play "guess the manifesto".

    What do we want?

    Higher or lower rents and house prices?
    More or less unemployment?
    Higher or lower wages?
    Higher or lower tuition fees?
    More or less means testing?

    and so on.

  2. Yup!

    The only worthy think tank knowledge is 'forbidden knowledge'

    Contemporary think tanks are just another lobby channel. Think tanks. NOT!