Thursday 28 August 2014

YPP Friday meet-up, 29 August

We had a good turnout two weeks ago; five members and two interested.

I can't make it tomorrow (family outing) but you can co-ordinate with each other in the comments to this post.

Our usual haunt is the Brewmaster pub near Leicester Square Tube station, tomorrow from 5.20-ish.

Saturday 16 August 2014

UK house prices are now about seven times earnings

Shaun Richards at Mindful Money has looked at Halifax' recent statistic that house prices are 5.02 time earnings...

Putting it another way using median earnings for everyone the ratio of earnings to house prices is now 6.9.

Well worth a read.

I left a comment as follows:

There is another reason for going with your 6.9 figure and that is because you have to compare like with like.

Halifax' £186,000 house price is not the average (that's about £260,000 according to the ONS) it appears to be the median.

So you can compare median house price with median wages = 6.9

Or you can compare average house price with average wages = 7.4

Thursday 14 August 2014

YPP Friday meet-up, tomorrow 15 August

1. Usual haunt, Brewmaster Pub near Leicester Square Tube station, tomorrow from 5.20-ish.

2. If somebody wants to suggest somewhere else for next week/next time then I'm fine with anywhere between Canary Wharf and Southwark on the Jubilee Line (I think that must suit a few of us).

3. We have made some progress with the app, so if you can get internet on your phone I'll show you it.