Friday 30 November 2012

"YPP is a poor name for a party" Really?

This is the most common question we get about the party on the trail. The reason we're sticking with the name is this:

1. The average age of a first time buyer is nearly 40.

2. More under-40s do not vote than all the people that elected the current administration

We believe these 2 key factors are central and integral

High rents, high property prices and high taxes on output and employment are crippling the economy. This is unanswerable today. The direct results are low wages and profits, making homes for all, employment and capital formation extremely difficult. The incentive is to invest as much as possible in more parasitical property assets. There are no bigger factors than this destroying the economy, in all places. So this is the root we are targeting.

No politician is allowed to talk about it because those already with snouts in the trough are property owners and will become unelectable if they even think about it. All successful politicians today are there to prop up rents, property prices and taxes. The party politics is irrelevant. Labour = Conservative. Left = Right. People are right when they say they do not know who to vote for. We call this condition - "Forbidden Knowledge".

Therefore the following is our rational policy:

1. Older people are already doing fine on the property ladder. Like turkeys, they do not vote for Xmas. In general. Therefore we do not want their vote. They can keep it. Its pointless trying. Period.

2. People of whatever age aspiring to a career in trough snouting can also keep their vote. No parasites seeking a job with the 1% here please.

3. Most people under 40 are doing very badly indeed, unable to get a home of their own. In general. They are not stupid either, so will not vote for something they cannot get. So vote NOTA. This is exactly the vote we are going after.

We need as much support as possible to show them there are others who care about the future of people of all ages and classes. And that it is worth starting to vote.

This is why we formed YPP. This is our strategy. We are certain of it. We need your help to carry this message forward. Not your advice on a better name. A different name will only improve our chances marginally.

Robin Smith

Candidate "in elections anywhere" for the Young People's Party.


  1. Unfortunately there is no snappy word to say "People who actually earn a living and who are being crippled by high taxes and rents", we can narrow it down to most under-40s, there's no generic term for that so we have to narrow it down to the adjective "young" which AFAIAC means "young at heart, non-landowner and works for a living".

  2. But this really is your party's biggest problem. I listened to your candidate on Croydon Radio during their candidate Q&A. He didn't mention youth affairs once - not even in the context of housing, which seems to be your party's only obsession.

    At a time when youth involvement and interest in politics is so low, it's disheartening to see a party called "Young People's Party" not dealing with youth issues. If you have problems with housing policy and land ownership, and that alone, change your name.

  3. How do you mean "youth affairs" or "youth issues"? Can you be more specific?

    You don't need to tell us what you think our policies are, read our manifesto first and tell us what you like and don't like.

    In fairness, we are not called "youth party" we are called "Young People's Party".

  4. Mr Pennington. Then you must be hard of hearing.

    I spoke explicitly about housing, about gangs, about high house prices, about how young people cannot afford a home or get a job.

    And the most important strategic activity is to link high taxes, rents and house prices with the failure of democracy, particularly affecting young people.

    If you read into what we are saying, WITH CARE, WITHOUT PREJUDICE, you will discover that "Young People" are really people who want to change the world, away from rent seeking and toward wealth creation.

    How do you explain yourself here? What is it about what we are saying that has offended you? Do you want to change the world?