Thursday 29 November 2012

Croydon. What is it that you really want. Freedom or Dependency?

Croydon polling day and still only one candidate with a policy to remove the largest road blocks to employment and free enterprise in Croydon:

Property developers, landlords and banks

Robin Smith of the Young Peoples Party. With an explicit policy to:
  • raise wages and profits 
  • reduce rents and house prices 
  • reduce taxes 
  • secure plenty of finance for every public service
  • deal with homelessness when there are plenty of homes 
  • address unemployment and bankruptcy when there is plenty of labour and capital 
And the other candidates? Do they want to go to the root? Do they have a policy? No! They don't even support their own ideologies any more:
  • Respect are the party claiming more important things than justice 
  • The Planet Savers claim more important things than homelessness
  • Labour are claiming more important things than raising wages
  • Conservative are claiming more important things than profits 
  • Liberal democrat, er... are a bit of both 
None of them have anything on the table for the people of Croydon except  handouts, welfare, tax breaks, planning permissions, free gifts,  ...


They all want you to be even more dependent on the state and large corporations than you already are. And you seem to be asking for it!

Croydon. What is it that you really want. Freedom or Dependency?

"The Young People's Party will abolish all taxation except for that on rents, which we will tax at a rate of 100%."

Tax comes out of rents. So there is plenty, it cannot be passed on to the tenant, your inheritence will be secure

What's not to like? Workers and enterprise will now get their full reward. The parasites of Croydon will be driven out of town. I will make quick work of it and good riddance.

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