Friday 23 November 2012

Do not blame the poor for Croydon's problems Mr Steve Reed

There was a superbly run hustings last night at Praise House by the Free Christian Church. Pastor Damon Luke chairing with very well organised MC and staff. The whole event was the most fairly run I have seen so far.

At the post meeting gathering, where the real politics goes on, I had a really rewarding chat with several of the priests there, on biblical economics and politics. Leviticus 25:23, 1 Samuel 8, Mark 12:13, Romans 13. Fascinating. I also bumped into the camerman whom I met at St Pauls last year, Rajeesh. Great.

The more I meet Mr Steve Reed, Labour candidate, the more I'm dismayed by how he insists on blaming the riots on the poorest classes. Who have already been robbed by the kind of policies he talks about adopting when he is formally elected after the 29th.

That of giving enormous tax payer funded handouts to landlords, property developers and bankers, disgracefully disguised as encouraging business.

Its a bit like blaming soldiers in trenches for a war. This is the quality of character who will be elected on the 29th unless people have a change of mind.

Two very good questions came up for which I requested particular attention for the Young People's Party:
  1. Crime
  2. Employment
What can be more obvious than that these are integrally linked by cause and effect? Crime rises as wages fall. ALWAYS. History so testifies. Until the elastic snaps and the people desperately start to take by force what was robbed from them in the first place by dysfunctional government, rewarding free gifts to the 1%, taken from the earnings of the poorest class.

I do not condone theft. I'm merely pointing out cause and effect under natural laws. Desperate people do desperate things. Treat people without love and they will not love you.

I attempted to point his out to the crowd with as much grace as possible by showing who the major robbers are right at the top. Bankers and Landowners. But it was completely overwhelmed by Mr Reed pretty much supporting the crowd's objection to this by implying the riots had nothing to do with systematic robbery by the 1%. He writes in his Lambeth seat about it frequently, his policy in general is to avoid questioning the 1% at the top, to blame the poorest class and to mitigate the effects later with yet more welfare.

Its a real pity the other candidates did not stand up and reinforce my point particularly Mr Jasper. The Monster Raving Loony guy pretty much said the poorest should be treated with even less parity than already. Unbelievable.

This is from the Labour party, who are supposed to be raising the wages of the poorest.

To improve Croydon one must start from the bottom. Because the top do not need any help, and by improving the condition of the poorest is shown to improve things for everyone above them too.

Alas, celebrity and handouts seems to be more important than wisdom these days for the people of Croydon. Not so for the YPP. Onward.

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