Monday 5 November 2012

YPP Croydon Election Communication

Robin Smith, 49, is a professional student of the real economy. He has used twenty years as a  systems engineer to understand why we are in such a mess and what to do about it. He co-founded a Cambridge based economics think tank.

Why vote YPP?

Croydon, like the rest of the country, is being run as a giant pyramid scheme. Those at the top of the property and banking ladders win every time.

We are on the side of those who arrived too late: the priced-out, the tenants, the over-mortgaged and the over-taxed. Those who will lose out, no matter how hard they work or save.

My beliefs

  • I am on the side of the real wealth creators – which means workers and businesses. The other party's are just there to ensure that the already wealthy just get wealthier without lifting a finger.
  • I resigned my council seat in disgust because the Conservative majority only cared about keeping house prices and landlords’ profits as high as possible. The other party's are no better.
  • I want to stop the One Per Cent taking your wealth and giving nothing back in return, plunging the country into permanent recession in the process. And what are the other party’s doing..?

Our key policy

We will abolish all taxation except for that on the value of land.

Does this sound too simple? Too radical?

Then ask yourself: “Why are you being forced to pay twice, just to live in your own country?”

  1. The government takes half your earnings in tax as if you were causing harm by working. This discourages employment – except in the civil service – so they have to spend some of the tax you pay on welfare to prevent the unemployed from rioting.
  2. They spend most of your taxes on subsidies for landowners and banks, which pushes up rents and house prices - so you have to pay all over again just for somewhere to live.

Everybody in Croydon – tenants and homeowners, workers and businesses – plays their part in creating the rental values here. Not the rent collectors, the landlords and banks. But they get to keep all the rents and we let them get away with it.

Surely to keep voting for this is insanity?

Let’s tackle root causes, not just the symptoms

Yes, there are plenty of other problems we will have to sort out. But most of these are just the symptoms of our crazy pyramid-scheme “trickle up” economic system.

The other party's tinker with solutions to the little problems – we would rather sort out the biggest first!

What will I do for Croydon?

I will speak up for the shopkeepers, businesses and workers trapped between destructive taxes on their turnover, profits and wages and ever-rising rents.

I will speak up for people on involuntary welfare, willing and able to work, yet unable to find it due to those higher up the the pyramid ruining the economy.

Challenging the vested interests of landlords and banks is a scary prospect. They have a well-oiled propaganda machine and have convinced the majority into thinking that rising house prices make us richer.

Of course they don’t, all that happens is that the next generation has to take out larger mortgages, and who benefits most from that..?

If you really care about your future and your children’s future…

X      Robin Smith, Young People’s Party
twitter: yppuk

07786 078836

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