Wednesday 20 November 2019

Our candidates in the 2019 General Election

Richard Galloway @RuudGit - Lewisham East

Rohen Kapur @Dr_RohenKapur - Folkestone & Hythe

Thomas Hall @ThomasBHall - Epping Forest

See also Our Aims and Mini-Manifesto

Any assistance greatly appreciated!

Thursday 7 November 2019

YPP London meet-up, tomorrow Friday 8 November

At the Brewmaster near Leicester Square tube, exit 1 and turn left into the alley, we'll be outside with a yellow leaflet on the table (if we've grabbed one) from 5.20 on for an hour or two.

Ring me on 07954 59 07 44 if you can't find us or want to check if we are still there.

Topics, we've got three candidates for the snap election, we've got lots of admin and bureaucracy to deal with before next Thursday's deadline, wish us luck.