Friday 8 May 2015

Folkestone and Hythe results

Dr Rohen Kapur (yours truly) got 72 votes for doing no canvassing, no leaflets, save a few that he self printed, and thanks to the Georgist and word of mouth and 38 degrees members emailing us and us replying with a manifesto, along with twitter and a little facebook.  Not even properly blogging either.

Even the Socialist Party came last with 68 votes.  Not bad.  265 spoiled ballots.

Anyone can do this.  Do not feel that you cannot.  It is better to do this and keep doing it.

I was heartened when I read that Nigel Farage started off with 48 votes in a by election.   This is much better than that and we've only been going three years which is nothing.

39 by elections from now we'll be in a position to challenge the big dinosaurs.

1 comment:

  1. You weren't last! Amazing, that's a first for YPP (I think).