Thursday 7 May 2015

Don't forget to cast your protest vote!

I should have posted this yesterday but was too exhausted. Sorry.

If you live in Folkestone and Hythe or in Epping Forest, you can vote YPP in the General Election; if you live in Barnsley Central ward you can vote YPP in the locals.

If you live in Gorton; Manchester Central; Salford and Eccles; Vauxhall; Sheffield Central or Bridgend then you can vote for the Pirate Party.

If none of the above apply, then just vote for an independent; failing that vote for either Green or UKIP (giving preference to the candidate who is likely to get fewer votes in your area) or just spoil your ballot paper.

My thinking is, the more votes are cast for the candidates who don't win, the more likely we are to get electoral reform.

NB - this is not official or agreed YPP policy, it's me thinking out loud.

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