Wednesday 22 March 2023

Mark Wadsworth- Obituary

 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mark Wadsworth, tireless advocate of land value tax, founder of Shared Ground, husband, father, and my personal friend. Mark passed away yesterday, March 22, 2023, after a short but unpleasant battle with pancreatic cancer.

A thoroughly unpretentious and self-effacing man in person, the wide range of topics covered by his blog alone are testament to the extraordinary intellectual energy and function he possessed. Mark was a keystone for practically every Georgist and LVT group in the UK- able to expertly navigate the worst sorts of bureaucracy to keep us going. His death is not just a loss for those of us who counted him a friend, but a tragedy for all friends of Henry George.

Mark has been a very profound influence in my life, not only on my core political beliefs and understanding of economics and society, but in a roundabout way, even can be traced back to why I live where I have lived for the last seven years, and where my children go to school. I know that Mark has made a similarly deep impression on many of the readers of this site, as well as members and supporters of the various Georgist organisations that Mark was so centrally involved with. He will be sorely missed, and I hope we can continue his legacy with even a fraction of his dedication and energy.

I will be organising a YPP/ Shared Ground memorial drinks in the coming weeks, and will share any further relevant information regarding his funeral as it becomes available.

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