Thursday 31 December 2020

Most YPP debates happen over here...

This 'blog is mainly for info only, the serious (and not-so-serious) debate is carried out by active members here, ideas filter through all that and end up in our manifesto.

See also John McCone's blog.

We also recommend The New Physiocrats League.


  1. Nice one Thomas! I think you made a great deal of sense on the Daily Politics show

  2. A blog post from the future? Dated 31 December 2020 ... today is 4 January 2019!!

    1. I know. I dated it like that so that it stays on top.

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  4. Has your institution heard of Location Value Covenants. A policy proposal to collect the economic rents for public purposes. Diff to LVT - it starts with mortgages and is voluntary so fits well for Young People trying to get a home. This might be right up your street? Let me know if you need more detail. Happy to come over and present to you.

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  6. A mini manifesto comment (I have no other idea where to list this):
    1) Double funding of UKRI - it will mean increased research spending for unis and the Medical Research council helped funded penicillin so I think its worth it
    2) Modernise our military by phasing out personnell with a focus on new technology and intellegence warfare
    3) Expand on Green innovation and technology and shift our taxes more on other ecotaxes
    4) Merge National Insurance and Income Tax
    5) Increasing R&D Tax Credit to 20%
    6) Establish a Department of Science
    7) Make use of the fact that the NHS is a public single entity by allowing it to share information for various purposes
    8) Spend more of the aid spending on climate change and development funds
    9) Creation of more Science Parks and more National Parks

  7. I'd defund Unis given the appalling state they are in politically. We really dont need our youth being brainwashed even more.

    Spend more on dubunking climate change doctrine, until, the scientists no longer earn enough to make it worth them remaining quiet about the contra science

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