Thursday 2 July 2015

Thanks a lot for finally noticing.

From the BBC:

Many young people are being "exiled" from the neighbourhoods they grew up in because of a lack of affordable housing, a cabinet minister is to warn.
Communities Secretary Greg Clark will tell council leaders it is a "defining test" for any government to provide homes to keep the "chain of community".
Harriet Harman will tell the conference the housing shortage is now "chronic".

Although both of these politicians are ignoring the facts.

There is no particular housing shortage as such. All those private tenants are already in 'affordable housing' i.e. if they can afford to pay off their landlord's mortgage they'd be able to pay off the mortgage if they owned it themselves. Which is where Jeremy Corbyn's suggestion comes in…

Where the real problem is is chronic misallocation. For every young household stuck in a flat, there is a widowed pensioner living in a three-bed semi.

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