Saturday 4 April 2015

I've got the signatures on my nomination paper.

To stand in a parliamentary election, you need to get ten registered voters in the constituency to sign your so-called 'nomination paper' (the reasons why are lost in the mists of time). So I asked the local council to email me the electoral register and printed off my road.

Yesterday, I set off up the road at about 11.30 once it had stopped drizzling, knocked on every door, told people who I am, where I live ("You might have seen the yellow YPP poster attached to my fence…") and asked them to sign.

To my pleasant surprise, half of people were in and opened the door, and apart from one who refused point blank, they all signed quite happily. So I was back home within twenty minutes.

Next week I'll take the forms and my five hundred sobs to the Town Hall and I'm on the ballot paper.

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