Thursday 15 January 2015

YPP Friday meet-up, Friday 16 January

As usual, at The Brewmaster nr Leicester Square Tube Station (Exit 1 and turn left at the top of the stairs into "St Martin's Court") from about 5.20 onwards.

We put a yellow YPP leaflet on the table so that you can recognise us.


  1. I've only just seen this, and would have attended if not on nights shift at the time. I am the leader of the Populist Party, which is London based and in a coaltion with the National Liberal Party and the People's Democratic Party under the umbrella "Total Democracy".
    Our website is Please feel free to contact us, and explore common ground.

    Regards, Russell

    1. Your manifesto looks very populist indeed, but it'd be great if you could turn up on a Friday evening.

  2. Hi Mark,

    We'd love to attend a future meetup. Do let us know when it is and we'll try to attend.

    We'd like to disuss support for rent controls (many young people in London are adversely affected by high rents) when we meet you, plus how a Baisc Income scheme could be constructed to provide an incentive to work (we are concerned that the Greens version may cushion people excessively and disincentivise work, thus damaging support for a worthy ideal with the taxpaying public).. Russ

    1. We meet up every Friday. As to rent controls, we have thought about it and decided that it's not such a bad idea, really, please check our Manifesto page.

      As to Citizen's Income, we just cut and pasted from the Citizen's Income Trust (because I did the workings for that and know that it stacks up).