Wednesday 21 May 2014

Who should I vote for in the EU Parliament elections tomorrow?

YPP do not have the money or the membership to stand at the EU Parliament elections, but speaking for myself, not YPP's entire membership:

1. If you live in the north west, please please please vote for the Pirate Party, whose manifesto is not entirely dissimilar to ours (to the extent they are bound by the general pan-European Pirate Party overall policies).

2. If you live anywhere else, UKIP is not the only anti-EU party on the list, you can vote for a left-wing anti-EU Party, namely No2EU.

Funny thing is, the traditional "right wing" arguments against EU-membership (typified as Little Englander mild racism, but there is more to UKIP than that) get much more airtime (because they are easier to ridicule) than the much more legitimate "left wing" arguments, i.e. the EU is a massive corporatist power grab whereby the powerful get more powerful, the wealthy get wealthier, the core nations benefit at the peripheral nations' expense... and the landowners get all the tax breaks and subsidies.

3. If you live in Buckhurst Hill West ward, vote YPP in the local elections.

4. If you'd vote YPP, but there's no candidate in your area, then next time, just stand as a candidate yourself, all it involves is a bit of form filling for the Town Hall, we can talk you through that.

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