Friday 17 May 2013

Readers' Letters Of The Day

From The Evening Standard:
Allowing London to retain Council Tax and Business Rates revenues* would be a huge leap forward, encouraging the GLA to focus investment on transport and housing and increase the tax base.

Can Boris Johnson now resurrect Herbert Morrison's 1939 Site Value Rating for London Bill? An annual levy on some of the most valuable land in the world should sort out the capital's spending constraints nicely.

Mark Wadsworth, Young People's Party.

* My original list was much longer and also included Stamp Duty Land Tax, the Mansion Tax Lite (known colloquially as the "Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings") etc.
And lower down the same page:

Economist Danny Blanchflower recently published a study demonstrating that high home ownership is strongly correlated with higher unemployment.

How timely of the Nimby residents of South Bucks to provide an example of this by obstructing the creation of jobs at Pinewood Studios.

Joe Momberg.

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