Sunday 17 March 2013

County council elections 2 May: Stand up and be counted

There are going to be elections for county councils etc on 2 May 2013 and the clock is ticking.

If you live or work in an constituency or ward which is having an election, I hope you'll seriously consider standing. All you have to do is get the nomination forms from the local town hall and get ten people who are entitled to vote in that constituency or ward to sign it, get the form submitted in time and ask our nominating officer Joe Momberg to confirm you are an official YPP candidate and that's it.

How much actual campaigning or canvassing or leafletting you want to do is entirely up to you, we don't need to agree a common national manifesto for this, it's the same old same old wherever you are, high rents and high house prices etc. For those that haven't officially joined YPP, if you officially join first, then so much the better.

Remember: if we're not on the ballot paper then people will never vote for us!

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