Sunday 24 March 2013

And you're paying for all of this. Twice over...

You'll be paying for all this once because all these subsidies come out of the taxes you pay, and twice because you'll end up paying more in rent or taking out a larger mortgage:

- council house right to buy discount increased? Check
- council house right to buy discount increased a bit more in London, so that MPs will have places to snap up in a few years? Check
- Bedroom Tax for snivelling ingrates in social housing? Check
- Council Tax increases kept to well below inflation for severalth year running? Check
- £1 billion in soft loans to residential landlords? Check
- income tax breaks for wealthy middle aged businessmen to build up a BTL portfolio? Check
- schemes to help First Time Buyers extended to Second Steppers? Check
- extension of NewBuy to "second hand" homes? Check
- increase limit for these schemes to houses costing £600,000? Check
- government to underwrite up to £130 billion in new mortgages? Check (see previous link)
- builders' share prices up five or ten per cent? Check
- extend the Funding for Lending Scheme? Check
- abandon the inflation target and print more money? Check
- new construction figures kept at the 100,000 mark, the lowest since the 1920s? Check
- £290 million subsidies to sell government owned land at undervalue to private developers? Check (emailed in by BobE)
- £225 million Danegeld to persuade developers to finally finish off half-finished stuff? Check

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