Monday 17 December 2012

What's in a name?

I'm still getting objections to the name of our party. I've given the usual responses here. Where I try earnestly to lay it all out carefully.

The main one is that we are all old* candidates, or old people will never vote for you, so what's the point.  There is a simpler answer to give ...

"Look at the Conservative party. I resigned my seat there because I could not find any Conservatives raising the earnings of enterprise as a first duty. So what's your point?"

Then look at Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green Party. The unwritten policy of them all is to keep rents, house prices and taxes high. In slightly varying degrees. Nevertheless that is it.

Yes, they have their historic ideologies. But these written ones are tiny compared to the one that really matters in terms of vote selling. You could run off similar responses for the other parties:

"Look at Labour. I resigned my seat there because I could not find anyone wanting to raise the wages of the working person, the mantra of Labour. So what's your point?"

The power controlling the political machine only selects candidates who support the hidden agenda. The ones who know it and can hide it well are dropped in close to the top. The clueless start at the bottom and learn slowly to do as they are told, never to rock the boat.

There may be many things wrong with this economically. But the deeper meaning is one of fundamental moral integrity for each individual politician to consider if they are truly there to represent the people as a servant first, leader second.

I'm now actively seeking members of the main parties, to make a stand and resign on this basis. Can anyone show me a more noble act for a politician?>

* over 40 in general


  1. Yup, the Tories (landowners' party) do this out of ideology, Labour do it out of naked self-interest, the Greens wail about "preserving the countryside" (even though they sort of support LVT as an additional tax, which isn't really good enough) and UKIP have recently added a second or third string to their bow, which is rampant NIMBYism (as well as "we support the City of London in whatever it does-ism").

    The Lib Dems should just be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Your name is a problem because you're not a young peoples party. You don't talk about young peoples issues.

    Call yourself the Homeowners or the Ratepayers Alliance, and you'll be fine. "YPP" is a misnomer. Deliberately so?

  3. Liam, you are hilarious. The homeowners and ratepayers alliance are our sworn enemies!!

    What is more important than low rents, cheap housing and higher wages (or at least, a safe level of benefits)?

    Once that is sorted everything else falls into place, and you have no doubt completely ignored all the other 90% of our manifesto where we explain our policies on other issues.

    Once you've actually read it, then feel free to join as a member and have some input!