Friday 7 December 2012

We can have anything we like if we can be bothered to vote for it

From the BBC:

All working age benefits, including tax credits and child benefit, will go up by 1% a year, less than the rate of inflation, for the next three years... Pensioners have been protected with pensions going up by 2.5%.

Most pensioners vote, so we have at least four "pensioners' parties" in the UK. Only half of under-40s vote, and those that do vote mainly for one of the pensioners' parties.

From Mortgage Strategy:

Borrowers [who] have been unemployed for [more than] 13 weeks are currently eligible for the support, which replaced the 39-week qualifying period in 2009, and the qualifying loan size increased to £200,000 from £100,000. Both were due to revert back in January 2013...?

This is just another "we own land, give us money" scheme to keep the bankers happy, of course...

CML director general Paul Smee says: “We welcome the extension of the current arrangements for the support for mortgage Interest scheme until March 2015. These had been due to expire in January 2013 but today’s announcement provides a welcome extension of support for homeowners currently receiving income related benefits, as well as helping lenders to extend forbearance to those waiting to qualify.”

£200,000 @ 3.63% eligible interest = £7,260 a year, councils could easily build and maintain a new council home for that money; if they can get £140 a week rent for it, it doesn't actually cost the taxpayer (i.e. you) anything. Would you rather hava a council house for £140 a week with no further hassle or pay an extra £140 in tax a week to pay off somebody else' mortgage?

As we've said before: Don't waste your protest vote!


  1. Quite right.

    But I'm pulling my hair out, trying to figure out how to get young people to be bothered.

    Most of those we want are looking for ways to rent seek. And hard at it. Mainly by seeing who can get the biggest handouts.

    When I point all this out to them they look at me as if I'm a negative, antagonistic, killjoy.

    I saw one example, where as they closed ranks against me, a property developer was sniggering in the corner.

  2. RS, remind them of the flip side of LVT, which is the Citizens Dividend and the fact that we'd get rid of income tax and NIC and VAT.