Monday 31 December 2012

Happy 2013... and our plans for it.

Just in case it wasn't entirely clear, YPP is a legit registered political party, what gives us credibility and the chance of a bit of media coverage is how many official members we have and how often we stand at elections. We're a long way off ever winning a seat, but everybody's got to start somewhere and being on the ballot papers and showing up in the official results is the best free advertising we can get (even if we're bottom of the list with half a dozen votes).

There are going to be elections for a lot of English (and one Welsh) county councils in May 2013 so we need as many of you as possible to sign up as members and stand as YPP candidates.

Putting yourself up as a candidate for local elections costs nothing, you just need to get ten signatures on a nomination form, fill in a few other boring forms and get Joe to sign one saying that you are authorised to stand as a YPP candidate and use the logo. A few of us have been through this mill and are ready to help you. Campaigning and leafletting are entirely at your own discretion (you make it up as you go along).

If you get properly involved in politics, you'll find it is expensive, time consuming, boring and can be quite humiliating at times. If you ever start to enjoy it, that's maybe the time to pack it in - but it is a bit of a buzz being able to vote for yourself (at local elections, you can basically only stand in the area where you live), it almost makes up for the inevitable disappointment of only getting those half a dozen votes.

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