Wednesday 17 October 2012

Young People's Party - Croydon North by-election

The party recently selected me(after I'd  nominated myself) to stand as candidate for the Young People in Croydon North. I've kicked off the initial actions.

First up was to check when the poll will actually take place. Croydon Electoral Services just told me they will not know until following the memorial service for Malcolm Wicks MP (may he rest in peace). After that the Returning Officer of the constituency must wait for the Speaker to issue an official 'writ'. And this only after the chief whip of the ruling party in the Commons deems it good timing. Interesting stuff.

The returning officer at the local authority must then announce an official timetable for the poll, which is usually within 15-19 days. Its likely to be Thursday November 15th 2012, when both the Corby by-election and the police commissioners polls will also take place.

Nominations for the ballot are next in the mean time. I'll need 10 signatures from local constituents
I'll be going to Croydon Friday morning to pay respect at the memorial service and then to do my first rekkie. That will be where I eventually seek nomination for entry onto the ballot.

Then its a matter of canvassing, leaflet dropping, the hustings, public relations, and of course stapling a 1000 notices to lamp posts across the town. All good fun.

Spending limit allowed by law is up to £100,000. Do you think that will be enough? We'll probably need about £2,000 mostly for 50 odd thousand leaflets etc.

Stretch goal is to retain my deposit and that will be some stretch! That will require 5% of the valid votes cast, about 2600. Only the Big 3 managed it in 2010. Anything more we will deem considerable upside.

The main objective is to use the election as a platform for the reform message - The end of rent seeking, the beginning of wealth creation, for our future, in the Young People. That is, Real Reform.

Call if you'd like to join me. 07786 078836

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  1. If you're standing under the ballot paper description "Young People's Party", this has to be registered with the Electoral Commission beforehand (info on their site if you haven't already done so)

    Good luck.

  2. LP, we registered ages ago. Thanks anyway.

  3. Ah-ha, so you have. That'll teach me to leap straight in (elections do tend to attract people who say "I'm going to stand for election!" without knowing all the administrative gunf that goes with it.

    Surprised that your alternative descriptions are so formulaic, often parties use them to cram in slogans and the like.

    Anyway, you'd be glad to know that Wikipedia now has you as a candidate so that's good as official.....

  4. LP, again, a lot of thought went into those alternative descriptions, we know what we're doing.