Wednesday 24 October 2012

Croydon North election message

Why vote for the Young People's Party?
Croydon and the whole country is run like a giant pyramid selling scam. The ones nearer the top of the property ladder win. The Young People under 40, still without a home at the bottom lose. HELLO!?

Where does Robin Smith stand politically
I resigned my Tory Councillor seat in disgust because the Conservatives only cared about their property. The other parties are the same. I believe in free markets and a functioning government, yet we have neither. I am pro wealth but it's being robbed from YOU by land owners. I mean to change that.

What is our policy?
Why are you paying twice to live in your own country? Once in Taxes. Twice in Rents or Mortgages:
  1. Half your earnings, are confiscated in tax, to pay for government, as if you were harming it
  2. Enormous benefits are given to land owners, tax free, as if they needed welfare
Location value makes up most of the value of the country. Surely to keep voting for this is insanity?

I will start to abolish mortgage debts and all taxation on work, business and sales. And start to fund government from the increasing value created by the whole community - the location values.

Yes, there will be other problems to deal with. I'm going after the big ones first. If you have a problem with that you'd better have a jolly good reason. Rely on the other parties to deal with the small problems.

We are not trying to convert you. We are trying to point out how the economy really works, to think about that carefully and then decide for yourself. The others only tell you what to do, right?

What will I do for Croydon?
Remember this. Nearly all Croydon land owners do not live in Croydon or even this country. Do not worry about them. If they complain I will happily drive them back to the airport.

I will be calling on all the land owners, the banks who finance them and politicians in parliament who do their bidding, to ask a deadly serious question:

"By what right are you forcing the people to pay twice to live in their own country?"

I will be calling on all government to ask why they keep giving away free gifts to land owners, then asking you to pay higher taxes to bail these scroungers out.

I will ask the Croydon gangs to tell us their story. Because we have robbed them the most. If we can hear them, surely everything beyond will improve? I will not blame them if they choose silence.

I will do the same for Croydon people on involuntary welfare, willing and able to work, but unable to find it. Who is really listening to them at the top?

If you think this is all naive and too good to be true, that is only because the dead politics of today has convinced you to aim too low.

I'm asking you to do a fair trade. Vote with integrity for the Young People, our future, and I will use all my strength to get this done.

Robin Smith.
Young People's Party candidate
07786 078836

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