Sunday 9 September 2012

Corby campaign: Day One

Rohen and I drove to Oundle in the Corby constituency today and spoke to as many people as we could in three and a half hours.

A few people said that they'd always voted [Conservative/Labour/Lib Dem] and that they weren't interested, and a few genuinely weren't interested, but the vast majority said they were undecided, or really didn't know who to vote for any more; they'd been lifelong [Conservative/Lib Dem/Labour] voters, but frankly, never again, they are all exactly the same and as bad as each other and they were happy to take a leaflet.

So it's all a question of showing people that there is another way of doing things. I got the feeling that plenty of people are prepared to cast protest votes, but they're not really that enamoured with single-issue parties, they want the whole package.

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