Sunday 12 August 2012

Great! The EU supporters and Greenies hate us as well!

Over at a Facebook group called PricedOut supporting first-time buyers against But-to-Let the EU supporters and Greenies are lecturing us from upon high about the Path Of True Green RightEUsness.

Excellent, we've already booked our place in the Daily Mailexpressgraph's version of Hell by proposing that we phase out taxes on earned income and output and collect revenue from the rental value of land instead (let along liberalising drug laws). But that doesn't mean that we will just fall into line with some other bunch of rent-seekers. And as long as we are being slagged off by rent seekers on "left" and "right" we know we on roughly the right track.

It's quite amazing how the kleptocrats co-opt people. It's the same motley crew of bankers, corporatists, kleptocrats, land owners and subsidy junkies who are behind everything (the EU as it stands is a symptom not a cause), it's just The Powers That Be have squared the circle and co-opted both those who see themselves as small government right wing (the Home-Owner-Ists) as well as those who see themselves as large government left wing (the EU supporters and Greenies).

For example, whether it's creating credit on the back of inflated land prices, keeping the Euro afloat or trading carbon credits, it's always the likes of Goldman Sachs who get richer.

But we're not being co-opted by anybody, thank you very much.

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